10 DIY Tools I Can’t Live Without (pt 2)

Photo Via Apartment Therapy

I get asked all the time about my favorite DIY tools or what items I recommend purchasing for your kit. If you haven’t already read my part 1 to this, you can check out here! I wanted to share a part 2, of additional DIY tools/supplies that I can’t live without. Below, I’m sharing a part 2 to what I find myself constantly using and re-ordering 24/7! 

1. FloorPops- My favorite renter friendly way to transform a space! These peel and stick floor tiles by FloorPops are so easy to use and they look amazing. I use them all the time, they are extremely durable and easy to clean.

2. Pro grade paint brushes- I’m always on the hunt to find inexpensive yet nice quality paint brushes, especially for larger projects. I love this pack of 5 because it comes with different sizes, the quality of the brushes is great and it’s under $7!

3. Electric sander- This is honestly so worth the investment! I used to hand sand EVERYTHING but now using an electric sander cuts down the time in half. I totally recommend, especially if you use a lot of wood within your DIY projects.

Photo Via Paula Mills

4. Paint marker- These paint pens are the best and can be used on ceramic, wood, leather, plastic, fabric, canvas, stone, glass, metallic, wood, chalkboard etc. They dry quickly and have long-lasting color. I recently used on faux leather and created fun little designs.

5. Soy candle wax- Lately, I feel like I’ve been making a lot of candles and I love this 1lb bag of soy candle wax. It’s high quality wax and melts super easily!

6. Krazy glue- One of my favorite glues to use! The glue sets in minutes and doesn’t require an overnight dry time. This allows me to finish my projects efficiently and not have to worry about waiting for pieces to dry.

7. Embroidery hoops- I use embroidery hoops for a variety of different projects, wall hangings, pendant lamps or actually embroidering! I love to have these sets on hand because I’m constantly using them and reordering.

Photo Via The Cottage Market

8. Baking soda- I’m obsessed with mixing baking soda and acrylic paint to create a textured clay inspired paint. This mixture creates such a beautiful matte finish and lots of texture for painting. I always make sure I have baking soda available!

9. Rub 'n Buff- I love using Rub ‘n Buff on picture frames, faux finishing + antiquing. It dries so fast and the color looks so realistic. I usually just rub on with my finger or a paint brush, a little goes a long way.

10. Terracotta spray paint- This is the BEST spray paint! It looks and feels like real terracotta once dried. I’ve gone through multiple bottles of this spray paint.