10 DIY Tools I Can’t Live Without

Photo Via apartmenttherapy.com

I get asked all the time about my favorite DIY tools or what items I recommend on purchasing for your kit. From hot glue guns to macrame cord, I feel like I’ve tried and tested them all haha. I figured I would make a quick guide of 10 DIY tools/supplies that I can’t live without. Below, I’m sharing what I find myself constantly using and re-ordering 24/7!

Photo Via @fridaflorentina

1. Macrame Cord- I have probably gone through over 100 of these big macrame spools. It’s 100% cotton, so you can easily dye it but I also love the natural color. It’s extremely durable and perfect for making plant hangers, wall hangings, etc. 

2. Mod Podge- This isn’t your basic Mod Podge, this one is specifically dishwasher safe and is a water based sealer. It’s perfect for sealing your art projects and will keep your projects looking great long term. It dries fast too!

3. Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks- I’m so obsessed with these glue sticks, if you haven’t been using them...time to make the switch! They are so much more durable than your normal hot glue sticks and they work on metal + glass. These are the only glue sticks I use.

Photo Via paperdollshandmade.com

4. Hot Glue Gun- Having a great hot glue gun is just as important as hot glue sticks. This dual temp hot glue gun is my go-to and has been in my kit for years now. It’s lightweight and has an easy squeeze trigger!

5. Paint Brush Pack- I feel like I’m always painting- if it’s not a wall, it’s a DIY. I love this pack because it comes with a great assortment of brushes AND it’s under $10. The brushes are great for all mediums and come with nylon, bristle, sponge & camel hair brushes. 

6. Xacto Knife- I have tried sooo many different brands of xacto knives and this is 100% my favorite. It’s amazing at cutting intricate details, inexpensive, and has a soft grip- so your fingers don’t get sore!

Photo Via kireei.com

7. Fabric Scissors- You’ve probably seen me use these fabric scissors in a lot of my videos, they are my absolute favorite. They are extremely sharp and perfect for cutting any fabric material. I also love how they are gold :)

8. Beveled Ruler- Measuring comes with the DIY territory and I feel like I’m constantly pulling out my ruler. I’ve been using this same ruler since college, so crazy! I love how it’s translucent and laminated for durability. I’ve had mine for years!!

9. E6000- If hot glue isn’t cutting it, then this is the stuff to use! It strongly adheres to wood, metal, glass, fiberglass, ceramics, and concrete. It’s basically industrial strength craft glue that works extremely well. 

10. Punch Needles- Recently, I’ve gotten into punch needling and this kit is the perfect beginners kit. It comes with 2 needles and 2 threaders! It makes the perfect addition to your DIY kit or even a great gift. 

I could honestly keep going with more supplies/tools I love but these are my top favorites! Keep an eye out for part 2 as I keep testing + trying out new things. Happy shopping!!