Lone Fox Studio Room Makeover

One of the reasons that I moved into a 3 bedroom apartment was so that I could make one of the bedrooms my Lone Fox studio! It’s basically my craft/DIY room that houses ALL things Lone Fox related, from my filming equipment to DIY supplies to home decor for future makeovers- it’s all in one spot. I wanted this room to be practical but still visually appealing, a place I can go to feel inspired and also get work done! 

The walls were already painted white but I knew I wanted to add an accent color to one of the walls. I couldn’t decide between a mustard yellow for a statement or a pale green/sage color. I thought that maybe the bold mustard color might be too much in an already chaotic space haha. I opted for the color Grecian Green by Benjamin Moore. I love how soothing and calming the color is! 

When I started the makeover, one of the main things I wanted to create in the space was a pegboard area. Prior, I kept all my tools in wooden crates but as I accumulated more and more it was very difficult to find anything. I would spend 15 minutes digging through tools for a hammer or screw driver. I purchased a pegboard at Home Depot and created a stand for it so it can prop up against the wall - like a floor length mirror. I didn't want to damage the walls, so I created a renter friendly pegboard! 

I also changed the light MYSELF! My first time ever changing out a light fixture, it was easier than I thought. After a trip to Target and Joann’s for more crates + baskets and a few hours or organizing, the Lone Fox studio was complete. I’m so happy with how it turned out, it’s the perfect little space to house everything I love and inspire me to create! You can watch the full tour with links to everything featured below: