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Hey guys- it’s Drew! With the belief that you can always ‘Drew It Yourself’ I created the Lone Fox channel on Youtube back in 2018 as my outlet to share my love for crafting and DIY projects.

I’ve always found a way to customize everything, from my clothing to home decor elements, so the decision to start sharing video tutorials with DIY room decor, apartment makeovers and organization tips came easily.

I created this website as an extension of the Lone Fox channel – a place where I can share the supplies I use in my videos, Home Goods, Stationary and Life-Style products.This is just the beginning, and I’m so excited to have you along for the ride! So let’s get started…


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Through curated and crafted pieces, I've build a space the welcomes, warms, and inspires. I hope it brings you a few ideas to create daily vignettes in your own home.

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The Lone Fox Journal

Tiny Speakeasy Room Makeover

Tiny Speakeasy Room Makeover

As you may remember, when I moved into my apartment, this odd room needed to be the first thing updated. It was so small and dark, it was considere...

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DIY Large Scale Artwork

DIY Large Scale Artwork

I surprised one of my really good friend’s, Marco, with an apartment makeover. He moved from Orange County to Los Angeles because he started a new...

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