My Favorite 2024 Spring Design Trends

As spring approaches and the winter season comes to a close, it’s the perfect opportunity to give your home some TLC. I always get so inspired during the spring/summer season, especially when the time changes and we get more daylight to complete projects! I have so many exciting ideas and plans for my house that include some new trends I’ve been loving! There are 5 that I’m super excited about and have been wanting to incorporate more of this spring season. From blue hues to tri-tone color schemes, these are my favorite spring 2024 design trends. 

Blue Hues

Varying shades of blue are expected to dominate interiors in 2024, especially this spring! Blue hues bring a modern, effortless feel to any room. I personally love it in a breakfast nook, living room or even bedroom. Whether painted on walls or incorporated through furniture/decor there are so many creative ways to utilize within your space. Some of my current favorite blue paint colors include: 

Farrow & Ball- Parma Gray

Benjamin Moore- Woodlawn Blue

Farrow & Ball- Inchyra Blue

Farrow & Ball- Luluworth Blue

Vintage Furnishings

This is something I have been embracing full force this year! From estate sales, Facebook Marketplace,  flea markets, and even auctions…I’ve been sourcing vintage furnishings like no other! One-of-a-kind elements bring me so much joy and really add something unique to a room . Those little details in a space can really give a lived in vibe to it. Find pieces that are meaningful to you and sprinkle throughout your home. I promise once you start incorporating vintage into your home, you will find yourself always on the hunt for a new treasure!

Two or tri-tone color schemes

For so long, accent walls were always the statement making paint choice. Now it’s all about embracing two or tri-tone color schemes! It creates beautiful contrast and architectural interest. There are so many ways to achieve this trend. My favorites include painting the ceiling one shade up, painting the molding/doors a pop of color, or painting the molding, wall, and ceiling 3 different colors. I suggest playing around with different color schemes and getting sample sizes to test on the walls so you can be 100%! 

Dramatic lighting 

Since moving into my new house, I’ve been loving dramatic lighting! I think it fully transforms the space and adds heightened interest. I specifically look for lighting that is made from natural materials like brass, iron, leather, or wood. I always shop for lighting at antique stores or even flea markets. Most of the lights in my home are antique and such a statement in the room. Think outside the box when it comes to lighting! 

Statement tile 

I have always been a fan of unique tiles and have been incorporating this trend throughout my home! Floors are not the only space that striking tiles are being displayed, think kitchen backsplashes, fireplaces, even accent walls. Try incorporating unique shapes like hexagons or mosaics. I personally love natural stones like marble or travertine. Clé Tile and Zia Tile are two of my favorite spots that offer artisanal tile and stones from around the world.