The Mart Collective x Lone Fox

It’s always been a dream of mine to open my own store or  just have a spot to sell finds I collect or create! As many of you know, The Mart Collective in Venice has always been a favorite place of mine to shop for vintage furniture/decor and find inspiration. I put my name on a waitlist to be notified when a booth opened up for rent and at the end of February was notified that one was available!

The downstairs of my house is filled with so much vintage decor, artwork, and furniture…3 rooms to be exact! I couldn’t wait to style my booth and have a physical space where customers could shop and see the pieces in person. It was so much fun to transform the space and Lone Fox-ify it. I had the idea to make the walls clean, white but still have some texture with good old joint compound! The 5 gallon bucket is only $20 at my local hardware store and the finish is a milky soft white. 

I wanted to have a main shelving unit to display small decor items. I found a beautiful mid-century unit on Facebook Marketplace for a steal a few months ago. When I messaged the seller he said a few other people were interested and would give it to whoever got to his location first…so basically I ran out of the house. I didn’t know what I would use the unit for but I loved the wood color and when I got the booth, I knew it would be the perfect piece!

I ended up booking a Lugg to transfer all the furniture pieces/larger decor items from my house to The Mart. I had so many pieces and wanted to bring everything over in 1 trip vs having to make multiple trips. Lugg makes everything so easy, if you aren’t familiar it’s like Uber/Lyft but for furniture. 

The overall process took only 3 days from plastering the walls to finalizing the design. Styling everything + stocking the shelves was honestly my favorite part! I created a gallery wall with oil paintings and antique art and I DIY’d metal signage so customers could see the booth was Lone Fox! Usually metal signage can be very expensive but I got house numbers on Amazon and painted them brass. 

The booth truly is stocked with so many one-of-a- kind vintage goods I purchased for my home that just never made their way into a space. I’ll be adding new goods weekly so make sure to stop by when you need that Lone Fox fix or even some inspiration!

1600 Lincoln Blvd, Venice, CA 90291

It really is so rewarding seeing your vision come to life in a space that people can come and see & shop. Happy shopping!!