Tiny Office Makeover Tips

You don’t have to give up your office space just because you live in a small space! Unless you live in a home with an actual office, most have to makeshift a workspace in the bedroom, living room, dining room etc. No matter the size, there are ways to organize and decorate a tiny office space so you feel creative and inspired whenever you turn on your computer.

I recently transformed a small nook in my bedroom into an office for myself. It was a small space but after a few coats of paint and some DIYs, the space totally transformed into the perfect work station. You can watch the full transformation below!

Check out a few of my go-to tips on making over a tiny office: 

Think vertical: Sometimes it’s easy to forget about vertical storage, remember to take advantage of wall height! Add a high shelf where you can store items you might not always need, place items you tend to use more on the lower shelves, such as a printer. I like to add fun decor in between office supplies to break up the traditional office look and make it more my own space.

Stylish bins are key: Stylish bins exist and will totally help make the space feel more decorated. I found my wicker storage bins on Walmart. I love how they added texture but were also so useful in storing extra supplies. I tend to stay away from anything clear, I like when you can’t see what’s inside. You can always use a label maker to label each bin so you don’t forget what is in each!

Find a desk that fits: Everyone’s office space is different, find a desk that truly fits the space. There are so many nontraditional options like a floating desk or a ladder desk to fit unique spaces. Look into all the options because there is nothing worse than a desk that is too big for the space. I promise there is the perfect desk option out there for you and your space!!

You need less storage than you think: Remind yourself that it’s 2021- the digital era is fully upon us. You most likely don’t need clunky storage cabinets, filing cabinets or stacks of papers. Why save physical paperwork when you can scan and save on your computer. Declutter and only keep what you absolutely need. 

Add color: A fresh coat of paint can do wonders! If you want to really separate your office space from your home, I suggest adding an accent color. It will divide the area and make it feel like it’s own separate workspace. When it comes to picking out a color, I always opt for something more neutral but a bold color can always be fun. If you’re a renter, try removable wallpaper or a fun art print!