Updated Living + Dining Room Makeover

As many of you already know, my design style is constantly evolving and growing! I’m always on Instagram and Pinterest looking at inspiration, so I love changing things up. What started off as a simple fireplace makeover, turned into a much larger refresh! 

I’ve been wanting to paint the fireplace for a long time but was always a bit hesitant to do so. I figured I would keep it white for a bit and wait until I knew I wanted to paint it 100%. I loved the idea of making it a statement and opted for matte black.

After it was painted, I decided to do some minor tweaking to the living room. I switched up the decor and rug, which made such an impact. I’m loving how the couches look on each side with the coffee table in the middle! I also purchased an oversized pot from Lowes that I put the olive tree in, it created such a unique decor element to the room. 

As far as the dining room, I thought I would just make some decor tweaks to the shelves..but then I found the most stunning vintage dining room table. It’s a gorgeous rustic wood table that fits PERFECTLY in the room. I ordered it within 15 minutes of coming across it on Badlands Vintage. It was delivered within 2 days and was literally 1000 lbs. 

Once it was in place, I gave the space a mini makeover to match the vibe of the table. I moved the mirror to the adjacent wall and added some unique sconces on each side of it. I’m sooo obsessed with how it came together. I also opted for a more simple rug since the table takes center stage. 

I know I may seem crazy for redoing my apartment yet again but I just love changing things up! I mostly swapped decor from other rooms and pulled out older things that I had stored away. I feel like everything is cohesive and love the warm tones + wooden accents. 

Up next…the horror movie room…just kidding…not really :)