Tips for Getting Organized in 2021

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I can’t believe we are already halfway through January, 2021...yes...TWENTY, TWENTY ONE! I always think of a new year as a fresh start, it’s the perfect opportunity to brainstorm new goals to tackle and dreams to fulfill. I love to start every new year organized as can be! There’s something about feeling organized at the start of a new year that makes me feel productive and excited to get back to work. With that being said, getting organized is a lot easier said than done.

I wanted to share some of my go-to tips below:

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1. Just start!

Don’t think too much about it and just start! Organizing has a snowball effect and sometimes the hardest part is actually starting. The longer you put it off, the more scary it becomes. I’ll turn on my favorite playlist and just start. Within 15 minutes, you’ll feel so motivated and not want to stop!

2. Rearrange your furniture

Rearranging your future or home decor can help make your space feel brand new! I do this often as it helps me stay inspired and keeps my home feeling refreshed. 

3. Digital declutter

This is a big one that often goes unnoticed or thought about. While organizing your home is great, think about digitally decluttering your life as well! Unsubscribe to newsletters, delete unused apps, old photos, playlists, and even contacts. I also go through my desktop and make sure everything is moved to appropriate folders or delete anything I don’t need.

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4. Create/ organize your calendar

Whether it’s a physical calendar or googlecal, take some time to update it! Add birthdays, any on going daily to-dos, your workout schedule etc. You can also put things into categories and color code! Having a calendar to keep you on track is so helpful!

5. Overwhelmed? Try bite size projects

Still feeling overwhelmed? Take a step back and start with small projects. Maybe it’s a drawer you’ve been wanting to go through or under the kitchen sink. Start small and don’t feel like you need to organize everything at once, you’ll get there!!

6. Maximize all space

Use your space smartly! Living in a small apartment can start to feel cramped but remember to maximize all the space you have. My biggest tip is to utilize the space under your bed! You can store seasonal items under there or even suitcases etc. Adding hanging shelves and organizers can help so much too along with organizing your kitchen drawers and clearing countertops!

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7. Donate/sell! 

Clothing is something I personally always forget to go through. Donate, sell or giveaway anything that no longer fits you or you no longer want. Same goes for furniture and home decor!