Amazon Kitchen Favorites

Photo Via Rikki Snyder

Amazon is honestly my favorite one stop shop EVERYTHING! From DIY supplies to home decor, I’m constantly adding things to my cart- I probably get 1-2 Amazon packages a day haha. These past few months, I’ve been adding more kitchen tools and decor to my cart! I hope you love these recommendations as much as I do. You won’t realize how much you need these items till now- trust me!

1. Reusable storage bags (come in more fun colors too!)

2. Magnolia table

3. Wooden utensils

4. Amber glass spray bottles (love these!)

5. Breakfast sandwich maker

6. Peel and stick kitchen backsplash (an easy non-permanent way to update your kitchen backsplash!)

7. Frying pan w/ lid

8. Tabletop vacuum cleaner (perfect for picking up crumbs on the table!)

9. Marble paper towel holder

10. Gold silverware set (I currently have these in my kitchen)

11. Ice cube trays

12. Copper hammered pan set (I use these like everyday, they are the best!)