How to Get Through Winter Gloom

Photo Via Sense Prime

With chilly weather, we can expect to spend even more time in our homes! While your home should be your happy place, winter gloom tends to affect everyone. Especially after the excitement of the holidays, winter’s gloominess can have you feeling down. Wanted to share a few ways to make YOU and YOUR HOME feel less gloomy this winter!

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Exercise: Get moving! Exercise stimulates endorphins which can help you feel better, it’s also a great way to burn stress. Bundle up and go for a walk or go up and down your stairs a few times. YouTube has some great 15 to 30 minute workouts to get your blood flowing.

DIY: Your home might feel extra gloomy because you’ve been inside it for so long. Spend some time on Pinterest or YouTube and see if you can find a DIY that piques your interest. You’ll feel inspired in no time and will have a fun project to tackle over the weekend. Nothing gets me out of my winter gloom than a fun DIY project! Here are some recent videos to help spark creativity:

Self-care: Bring the spa to your home and have a self-care night. Whether that be a bubble bath + your favorite movie or a face mask + a bottle of wine. Remember to take time for yourself and plan a night of relaxation!

Plant parenthood: Add some plants to your home, adding a plant really brings beauty and calmness to a space. If you want to talk about science, there are many mental-health gains to adding plants to your environment from lower stress levels to promoting productivity and even flavoring your next meal! I actually wrote an entire blog post about how to pick the best plant for each room in your home, you can read it here!

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Let the light in: Say goodbye to your blackout curtains and let the light in! If you are spending your entire day at home, keeping your curtains closed can make your home feel dark and gloomy. Consider sheer curtains or keeping your curtains open during the day.