Organizing Must-Haves for a Small Space

Photo Via Apartment Therapy

Organizing isn’t necessarily my strong suit but over the years and living in various apartments I’ve found what works! Just because you have a small home or small space, doesn’t mean you can’t be organized. I’ve learned there are some great storage solutions no matter the size of your home. Below I’m sharing some organizing must-haves especially if you live in a small space!

Utilize your doors:

Never underestimate the power of a door! You can add hooks to hold bags and jackets or you can add shelving solutions too. In past apartments, I’ve used the back of doors to hold all my shoes, Amazon makes some great over the door shoe holders. There are also a ton of shelving/wire rack solutions perfect for your kitchen pantry or bathroom to hold extra toilet paper, paper towel, etc.

Use every inch of your closet:

If I had to recommend one thing to splurge on it would be a closet organization system. It’s such a game charger and will help you utilize every inch of your closet! There are so many options, from DIY options at Home Depot to the Container Store or even IKEA! It’s worth the investment and you will love the reward!

Photo Via Leelah Loves

Under the bed storage:

This is something nobody really talks about, under the bed storage. If you are REALLY running low on storage space, I 100% recommend getting some bed risers and making use of the space under your bed. You can use decorative bins/baskets if they can be seen or get a 1 size larger comforter so it hangs lower. You would be surprised what you can fit under the bed, think suitcases, additional clothes, shoes, pots/pans the list goes on!

Baskets, baskets, baskets:

Baskets should be your best friend! Stop with the clear plastic shelves and purchase some fun, chic baskets. You can find covered baskets on Amazon or at Target, which can help keep clutter contained while still making a decor statement. They are also super easy to move around and can be tucked under coffee tables or put in closets easily.

Learn to let go:

One of the most important tips/hacks is to learn to let go! I try to go through my decor/clothes/kitchen items every 6 months. You will be surprised how much you don’t need the more often you go through your items. Be honest with yourself about what you'll never use or don’t need anymore. Make use of local donation centers.