My Fall Apartment Makeover

Now that Fall is FINALLY here, I was feeling very inspired to redecorate my home for the season. I started with my bedroom, then my dining + living room. I always gravitate toward Fall hues, so making sure this space was full of cozy colors and textures was a dream! 

I’m not a huge fan of traditional Fall decor, so I put my own spin on this makeover. Also, I painted over the loved navy wall in the dining room! I was a bit nervous to change it up but loved how it looked in the end. This makeover got me so excited for the cooler months, especially since I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year! 

I had to add harvest hues and cozy textiles to my bedroom! Changing up the board and batten color was something I was scared to do. The green before was just perfect in the space, however I’m somebody who likes to change things up! This violet based, chalky black was such an interesting combo and set the moody base for the redesign!

A bunch of the decor featured throughout is actually part of the new Lone Fox Fall collection!