Easy Rental Upgrades That Are Worth It

Photo Via @KerryLockwood

As a long time renter, I’ve always made upgrades to the various apartments I’ve lived in. I’ve learned so many easy (renter friendly) tricks that can transform your rental. While I love making any space feel more like home, it’s important to remember that prior to moving out any change you make will need to be undone...no matter how pretty! 

Sharing some of my go-to upgrades that I think are totally worth it: 

1. Peel and stick tile

If you have not so pretty floors, I highly recommend peel and stick tile. They are SO easy to apply and just as easy to remove prior to moving out. I swear they make such a difference. I’ve used them in almost every apartment I've lived in. Amazon has some great options!

2. Peel and stick backsplash 

Yet another peel and stick option, clearly there is a trend here haha. Backsplashes are really a focal point of any kitchen or bathroom. If you’re not in love with your rental backsplash, you can purchase some peel and stick tiles and easily cover up the outdated tiles. I always opt for simple white subway tiles or even white “brick” tiles. In my past 2 apartment kitchens, it made such a difference! They are also very easy to remove.

3. Removable wallpaper

I personally have always painted in my apartments and painted them back to their original state before moving out. BUT if that is too much work for you and you want to add some color to the walls, I recommend removable wallpaper. Depending on how big your wall is and how much you want to cover, it can be a bit pricey. I think it is totally worth it in the end! It adds character and a fun element to any room. Society6 has my favorite removable wallpaper, it’s so easy to apply and doesn’t peel any paint off.

Photo Via Architectural Digest

4. Swap the lighting

If your unit has old outdated fixtures, you can easily swap the fixtures for something more aesthetically pleasing. If you don’t know how to change the lighting yourself, you can hire an electrician to swap them for you. Lighting is key to elevating any space and it will drastically transform your rental. In my current apartment, I swapped the light fixtures in basically every room!

5. Update the hardware

Another simple hack is to change out the hardware on cabinets/vanities. If your kitchen or bathroom has outdated hardware, you can easily switch it out. Make sure you keep a bag of the old hardware so you can switch it back before moving out. I recently changed the silver hardware in my bathroom to cute rattan drawer pulls/knobs. It completely transformed the basic white vanity! Anthropologie always has such cute hardware and so does Amazon.

Hopefully next time you’re stuck in a rut and not sure how you can update your rental, these tips will help!