3 Unique but Stunning IKEA Hacks

It’s difficult to find a dresser that is both stunning and affordable! Large dressers tend to be an investment and sometimes can be a challenge to find your dream piece. If you follow me on YouTube, you know that when it comes to transforming a low cost furniture item to look upscale, IKEA is my go-to. With a fresh coat of paint, new hardware and a few other supplies you can take a basic IKEA dresser and transform it into the most talked about item in your home. If you love to DIY, it’s the perfect weekend project. If you’re hesitant to try, I included the full video tutorials after each piece that will teach you how to complete the project step by step. 

1. Trimmed Raffia Dresser

I took my IKEA Tarva dresser and dressed it up! I glued raffia down to the drawers and secured it by stapling down wood trim around each drawer. I repainted the entire dresser and added some brass hardware to each drawer. I love how the brass accents looked on top of the raffia.

I was inspired by a similar dresser I saw online for $3,500 and was able to recreate it for under $400. The entire transformation took just 2 days to complete! You can watch the full tutorial below:

2. Boucle Chair

If you’re familiar with home decor trends (which I assume you are haha), you know that boucle chairs are all the rage right now. These fluffy, trendy statement chairs don’t come cheap and tend to cost anywhere from $800-$1,500. I went to IKEA and took a basic chair and transformed it into the perfect boucle accent chair. I went to my local upholstery fabric store and purchased boucle fabric.

Using pool noodles, I cut them in half and hot glued them around the chair. Then, taking my staple gun, I stapled the fabric around the chair base. I was able to drape it and create pleats around the front of the chair. This project only took 1 day to complete but is one of my all time favorite transformations! You can watch the full tutorial below:

4. Tiled Night Stands

Tiled furniture pieces have been everywhere lately. My Instagram and Pinterest have been filled with these unique accents, from coffee tables to nightstands. For a recent bedroom makeover I did for Natalie Noel, she really wanted tiled nightstands. Rather than spending hundreds on 2 nightstands, I was able to DIY 2 cubes from IKEA.

I purchased white tiles + grout from my local tile store and within 4 hours I created these stunning tiled nightstands. Beware, they are extremely heavy and delicate to transport! I love how minimal and unique they looked in the space! You can watch the full tutorial below: