Blank Wall Decorating Ideas

Photo Via Architectural Digest

Do you have a bare wall in your space and have NO idea what to do? A blank wall can be tough to tackle, whether it’s too big or too small, it can be difficult to figure out how to spruce it up. Sometimes a bare wall can feel refreshing but most times, it can feel neglected. If you want to bring style to every inch of your space, check out a few of my go-to wall decorating tips!

1. Gallery Wall

Photo Via @lostandfoundcottage

A gallery wall is a simple yet effective way to make a blank wall a statement in your home. I usually opt for above the sofa placement, however, it can really be placed anywhere (think entry way, kitchen, living room + dining room). I like to use an odd number of frames, different artwork sizes, and cohesive prints. You can even include family photographs! Desenio is my favorite when it comes to picking out art prints. You can even search pre-made gallery walls which is super helpful if you are unsure. 

When it comes to placement, my go to trick is to trace all the artwork/frames on paper. I cut out the tracings and with the help of masking tape, I tape the tracings on the wall. This allows me to see how everything will look together!

Still not confident in tackling a gallery wall, I share some tips in the below video:

2. Shelfie

Gif Via Vogue

Sometimes hanging artwork isn’t enough, a shelving system, large bookcase, or floating shelves can do the trick! This allows for extra storage in your home, you can style your favorite home decor and create the ultimate shelfie. It will create a nice focal point to any room. One thing I will add, is  make sure you have ample space around the shelf/shelves. Because you are taking up additional space in the room, make sure it doesn’t make the space feel too cluttered. 

3. Wall Decor

Photo Via @brepurposed

When it comes to wall decor the possibilities are endless and overwhelming! I’m sharing a few of my favorite wall decor pieces to use below:

Floor length mirror- This will make the room instantly feel bigger + brighter! Hang it up or have it lean against the wall. It’s the perfect minimalist route. 

Woven baskets- Add some natural texture and contrast with woven baskets/accents. I actually offer some super cute ones HERE

Wall hangings- I personally love wall/macrame hangings. They add depth and texture to your wall. They come in a variety of styles and sizes so you can find one perfect for your space OR you can DIY one for a fraction of the cost. See below for a recent one I made: