Tips on Styling an Outdoor Space

Photo Via Federico Paul

I had the opportunity to style my first outdoor space about a month ago! It was honestly a challenge and I quickly learned how different it is to decorate an interior vs an exterior space. While I do miss painting and wall decor, I was able to think of fun ways to style an outdoor space and bring it to life! Throughout the process I figured out some tips/tricks when it comes to decorating, I wanted to share a few of my go-to’s below:

1. Find a statement piece 

Usually with outdoor spaces you tend to purchase the larger pieces first. I personally love purchasing the statement piece first and decorating around that. For my outdoor makeover, the first thing I looked for was the outdoor sectional. Think seating, cabanas, couches etc. You want those pieces to be the main focal point of the area.

2. Add a rug

Yes, outdoor rugs are a thing! Adding a rug helps to complete any space, so when it comes to outdoor spaces, add one! If your outdoor space is larger, adding a rug or two will help define the different zones of the space. It’s a cozy element for inside your home, so why not create a cozy vibe for outside too. Not to mention, it’s always nice to have something soft underfoot.

Photo Via Apartment Therapy

3. Accessorize with planters

Lush greenery is a must for any outdoor space. Take your greenery to the next level and invest in some chic planters. Planters will help bring color and texture to the space. You can easily DIY ones you currently have with spray paint and some TLC.


Photo Via @homebygard

4. Go vertical

For the outdoor makeover, I DIY’d a fun herb garden ladder. This was not only practical for the owner of the space BUT it created visual interest upwards. In an indoor space you would usually add a gallery wall or artwork to the walls to create interest, keep that in mind when decorating your patio/yard. If a wall planter isn’t your thing, think sculptures, fountains, and outdoor art.

5. Add lighting

Many people don’t think of outdoor lighting as decor but it is! Lighting can help create a warm environment and ambiance. String lights are always my favorite to include, they are easy to set up and make a huge impact. There are also fun lanterns you can add too! If you need to use an extension cord, you can wrap the cord in colored tape so it blends in with the grass/greenery.

These are a few great tips I learned during my past outdoor makeover! You can watch the full makeover with links to all the furniture pieces + decor below: