7 Tips on Creating the Perfect WFH Space

Working from home has become the new normal over the past few months. The shift from office to home or even school to home isn’t the easiest transition. If you’re wearing pajamas till 3 PM, just know you’re not alone. Here are some ideas and tips on creating the perfect WFH space:

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Create a dedicated space

A dedicated workspace is not your bed or your couch. While it looks different for everyone, a good place to start is a desk or even dining table. Most importantly, it should be a space you feel comfortable and productive at. I have a desk in my bedroom that I work at and my roommate prefers to work at the kitchen table. Everyone is different! 

Organize, organize, organize

Invest in organizational systems to keep your pens, paper, chargers etc. organized. Keeping your clutter at bay will help your workflow and keep you on your A game. I personally love these organizers from Amazon! 

Exercise during what would-be your commute

Getting up at a dedicated time and working out will allow you to start your day on a more energetic note. If you’re not a morning person (like me!), dedicate 20 mins around lunch time to get in a quick workout. This will honestly make all the difference in your day, trust me!!

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Get comfortable

Having a proper chair, seat cushion or even foot riser is so important, especially if you are sitting for long periods of time. Make sure you have a chair that provides your entire body with proper alignment, even if that means splurging or testing a few different chairs! Your back will thank me later!

Stay on track

While virtual to-do lists and iCloud calendar reminders may have worked in an office setting, sometimes you have to go back to your handwritten roots. A physical planner, notebook, or to-do pad will help keep you on track. There are so many cute options available on Lone Fox- I personally love this one!

Create a prospering ambiance

Add some mood enhancing elements to your WFH space like a desk lamp, plants, candles, or even an air purifier. This will set the mood for a productive and healthy work flow. 

Be kind to yourself

It can be difficult to adjust to this new way of life, remember to give yourself a break and take care of YOU!