How To Choose The Right Rug Size For Each Room

Hello friends, this is Jennifer from @Jcdesign1.1 and today I am going to talk about how to choose the right rug size for your space as well as furniture placement! Rugs are such an important design feature; it adds the warmth, color, and texture a room needs while trying everything together. Some of the most common mistakes people make when purchasing a rug is that they go with something they love rather than something that is a good fit for their space. Today I am going to help and give you some helpful tips that will prevent you from making common mistakes and bringing home something not proportional that does not work.

Let’s start with 10 general tips:

1. Evaluate your space, ask some questions, and take notes - What type of furniture do you have in the space? What is the wall paint color? Is the floors wood, carpet, or tile? What is your favorite color scheme?

2. Research - If you are drawn to a neutral color scheme search for rugs that are under that category. If you like something that is more intricate or vintage looking, search for some of those. 

3. Pick 3-5 options - After you have done some research pick your favorite options and lay them out together. Look at those against the furniture you have, or would like to have, and see what works best.

4. If you have a tight budget do not compromise on size - Avoid buying a smaller rug just because it fits in your budget. It is more beneficial for you to do some more research first and finding other options that work, rather than buying something too small because it is more affordable. Your first choice might lead to you having a space that looks crowded and disproportionate.

5. Create a distinction between the rug and the floor - Make sure you leave some clear floor space so there is a distinction between the floor and the rug. Do not get a rug that is too large and covers the entire room (unless there is something you are trying to cover). Think about creating layers of colors, textures, and patterns use of different materials. For example, your first layer would be the floor, next layer is the rug, and then followed by furniture and décor.

6. Area rugs should be thicker than already carpeted floors - When you intend to purchase rugs for rooms that are carpeted make sure you search for high pile ones.

7. A rugs longer side should be longer than the largest piece of furniture - It should extend beyond the main and largest piece of furniture by at least 6” (on either side).

8. Focal point - If you have a permanent design element such as fireplace or built-ins you should use those as your focal point and center the rug to those.

9. Consider your room, furniture, and decor - If your room is full of texture and color go with something neutral and subtle. If your room is very neutral and plain, add a rug that has some texture and pattern to add visual interest.

10. Use the “TAPE IT OUT” METHOD: Lay your furniture in a desired layout and measure around it with painters’ tape. This would give you a sense of how large the rug is and how that size works in the room.

Living room:

Living room is probably the most important room in the house and sets the tone and vibe of your home. You most likely spend most of your day in this space and everyone who comes into your home would almost certainly see it. Therefore, this room should be visually appealing, proportional, cohesive, and well put together. If you choose a rug that is too large for the space it will make the furniture look too small and the space empty and disproportionate. If you go with a rug that is too small it would make the room look and feel smaller, cluttered, and closed off.

Here are some tips that would help you pick the right rug size for your living room:

-Make sure your rug is LARGER than the largest piece of furniture. The longest side of the rug should always be longer and extend beyond the sofa or sectional (by at least 6” on either side).

-Leave walkway space - leave about 18” or more from rug to the wall (unless your sofa is against the wall).

-Proportion, proportion, proportion - Make sure your rug is proportionate to the furniture and space! You do not want a very large rug with small furniture and vice versa.

Recommended sizes for living room: 8’x10’, 9’x12’


When it comes to your bedroom you should first select your bed size. Once you determine your bed size, search for a rug that would be larger than the bed but not too large to cover the entire room. A good rule of thumb is to measure the rug and make sure it extends beyond each side of the bed by at least 12.” If the rug is the same size or smaller than the bed it would look odd and will feel tight and closed off, and if it is too large it may overwhelm the space and swallow the furniture.

Here are some tips that would help you pick the right rug size for your bedroom:

-Do not choose a rug that is smaller or same size as your bed

-If your space allows for it and your bed size is king/cal king, size up and go with a rug that is 8’x10’ or larger.

-If you have a king size bed and you want to go with a 6’x’9 that’s totally fine as long as you pull 2/3 of it towards the front of the bed and the longest side of the rug is longer and extends beyond the bed.

Recommended sizes for bedrooms: 6’x’9’, 8’x10’ (you can go smaller or larger depending on your bedroom and bed size).

Dining room:

Dining room rug should hold all the furniture. The dining table and chairs should all be on the rug even when the chairs are pulled out. You want to make sure that there is enough room for movement on the rug so that the space does not feel small and cluttered.

Here are some tips that would help you pick the right rug size for your dining room:

-Stay away from rugs that are small and barely fit the furniture.

-Tape around the table and chairs with painter’s tape and make sure that when you pull the chairs they are still within the perimeter.

-If the chairs are halfway out the rug is TOO small and you should size up.

Recommended sizes for dining rooms: 8’x10’, 9’x12’

Round dining rugs recommended size: 6’ or 8’

I hope you find these tips helpful and that your rug purchases work perfectly and transform your room in the best possible way!

Xo, Jennifer

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