10 Interior Design Trends for 2024

So excited to be sharing my very first blog post of 2024! One of my goals for the new year is to bring back the LF Journal and share weekly blog posts to help inspire YOU. I thought of no better way than to share my favorite design trends for 2024. I’m someone who loves to constantly change up my spaces, so exploring and incorporating trends into the mix makes me excited! Below, you’ll find a list of my favorite design trends for 2024. 

1. Red + Brown Colors

These colors started making their way into my home in 2023 but I feel like this year it’s going to be ALL about red and brown! To me, brown creates warmth within a room but also feels a bit historic. I was a little hesitant to paint my kitchen cabinets brown but I absolutely love how they turned out. Reds that are in that same brown family like brick or a more bold burgundy red are colors I’m excited to play around with more in 2024. 

2. Print + Pattern Play

Layering prints + patterns are a fun way to create visual interest. When incorporating, remember to use different sizes, scales, and colors to achieve a unique overall look. In my opinion, clashing patterns and colors can make the space feel more effortless and lived in when in reality it was very intentional. However, it’s important to find the right combo. 

3. Displaying and Creating Collections

Whether it’s a collection of wall art, vases, candlesticks, or even plates on a wall, a collection of items on display exudes a feeling of pride. I love how it creates a little moment within your home and adds such personality to your space. 

4. Bespoke Pieces

Handmade, DIY’d, one-of-a-kind elements bring me so much joy and anything with that handmade feel to it really elevates a room. I think these pieces will be more sought after this year. Items from a flea market, craft show/antique shop can add a piece of history to your space. Those little details in a space can really give it that crafted, curated, collected vibe to it.

5. Mid Tone Wood

Last year, I felt like it was all about dark wood/dark stains but this year I think there will be a major shift. Mid tone wood gives off a slight European/ French touch. You can find this trend within wall molding, ceiling beams, flooring, and even decor/furniture! I love how it’s not too dark, not too light but you can still see the beautiful wood graining. I can’t wait to incorporate this trend more into my home!

6. Coquette Aesthetic

This has really been making its way into interior design. I really saw this alot during Christmas time; all of the silk ribbon and large super feminine accents. Coquette is ultra feminine and romantic, utilizing a lot of pink, bows, hearts, etc. It almost feels a little shabby chic but more sophisticated/edgy. 

7. Crown Molding

I felt like crown molding kinda left for a while but I feel like it’s slowly coming back and is a lot more accessible. It’s a great way to add a finishing trim to the tops of walls and cabinetry. Overall this look can make the space feel a lot more grand and luxe, adding that European/ French flair. 

8. Ceiling Treatments

I think this year adding interest to your ceiling is going to become a lot more popular. I feel like traditional paint has become a little bit boring. Adding visual interest to your ceiling is a great way to make a room feel more cozy and put together. You can plaster, wallpaper, tile, add wood paneling or a mural. There are so many different elements you can do! It really draws the eye up in a space and adds more visual weight to the top of the room, especially if you want to keep things more minimal on the floor/walls. 

9. Silver

Brass and warm metal has been such a huge trend for so long and I never really wanted to use much silver the past few years. However, lately I’ve been loving pewter and antique silver. They feel really fresh and modern. Vintage silver dishes, candlestick holders, and even more modern chrome pieces mixed throughout. I’ve found so many silver bits at the thrift store and flea market!

10. Minimal Throw Pillows

This is a trend I’ve found myself doing recently and lately I’ve just not been into a ton of throw pillows. I keep my sofa and bed more minimal with less pillows. I love the idea of using pillows the same color as the furniture piece but in a different texture or pattern. I feel like the look of layered pillows and making them blend in vs stand out is the way to go in 2024.