No Demo Tiny Bathroom Makeover

When moving into my house, there were so many preserved historic elements I loved. However, the bathrooms upstairs were completely gutted and lacked any charm. I was excited to tackle the smaller bathroom upstairs. Even though the space was small, it had so much potential and was a fun challenge to take on. 

One of the main things I knew had to go was the extra door. The door led to the laundry room and was never used. I really wanted to maximize space so blocking off the door and patching it helped the bathroom flow better. This was actually my first time patching a wall, so it was fun to learn a new skill!

My favorite part of the renovation was applying the Concretta! You can use this material
over the tiles, walls, shower, and shower floor, creating basically a no demo bathroom reno. Once it’s dried down and sealed, it’s completely waterproof. I wanted to create a seamless look, so I used it on the walls + ceiling. Additionally, I retiled the floors in a simple design with the same pavers I used in my kitchen. I felt like they tied in perfectly!

Since the bathroom is so small, finding a vanity with storage was important. I found one on OfferUp for $200 and repainted it to match the vibe of the bathroom. I installed a new toilet, fixtures + lighting to give the space an upgrade. I added a shelf on the wall for some decor elements/storage and a really unique chain toilet paper holder that I found while I was in New York! I love mixing masculine and feminine elements for contrast!