DIY Rattan Covered Storage Boxes

As many of you know, rattan has been one of my favorite decor accents of 2020! While you can incorporate it in larger styles (like a chair or media console), a small rattan accent makes just as big of an impact + for a fraction of the cost! I wanted to gift my friend a rattan jewelry box for Christmas but they can be quite pricey online, so I brainstormed a simple way to DIY one!

For this project all you will need is:

- Wooden box/jewelry box

- Rattan 

- Krazy Glue Fast Dry Wood Glue

Having a strong glue is KEY, especially because the jewelry/storage box will be regularly used and opened. I personally love the Krazy Glue Fast Dry Wood Glue because it sets in minutes and doesn’t require an overnight dry time. This allows me to finish my projects efficiently and not have to worry about using wood clamps and waiting for pieces to dry. Their entire line is a DIY staple of mine and helps me tackle both big and small projects!

Let’s get into the DIY shall we?

Step 1: Trace out the box shapes on the cane webbing with a pencil or marker. 

Step 2: Cut out the cane webbing. I recommend using sharp scissors! 

Step 3: Secure around the box with Krazy Glue Fast Dry Wood Glue and allow to dry. 

I love how cute this rattan storage/jewelry box turned out, I might have to make one for myself!




This blog post was sponsored by Krazy Glue