Los Angeles Thrift Store Guide

Thrift stores can be very hit or miss, especially for home decor! Sometimes I’ll go to 3-5 different second hand stores to have only found 3 things. I always get comments in my thrift flip videos asking for what thrift stores I go to LA. I decided I would make a guide of a few of my favorites around the LA area! These are my go-to spots and always offer a great assortment of home decor accessories. I’ve gone to quite a few different thrift stores that have hardly any home decor, so these spots are very home decor focused!

1. Society of St. Vincent de Paul Los Angeles Thrift Store

This thrift store is located in DTLA and is HUGE. If you are looking for furniture, this is a great spot to start! They categorize all the furniture, making it super easy to find what you are searching for. The prices vary, as they do offer more higher end pieces. Most of their items are in good condition and they always offer great sales. Trust me, you could spend hours here! 

2. Out of the Closet - Glassell Park

This specific Out of the Closet is my favorite, it’s considered their super store and it’s tucked away in an industrial area of LA. I’ve always found really unique home decor and furniture pieces there. They offer a more curated selection but everything is in great condition! I always find really cool lamps and chic home decor trinkets. I would say because it is more curated their prices are a little higher than a Goodwill. 

3. The Salvation Army Family Thrift Store (Santa Monica)

I’ve shopped at quite a few different Salvation Army thrift stores but the one in Santa Monica is always my favorite. They offer a large assortment of home decor vs other locations. The furniture is limited, so I would plan to go just for decor. I’ve found some really cool bowls, coffee table books, and vases at this location!

4. The Salvation Army Boutique Store (Santa Monica)

The boutique store is right next to the thrift store, which is super convenient. However, the prices are a lot higher. It’s more curated with higher end pieces, think fine china and more upscale decor. It’s always worth it to check it out, you can find some really unique pieces but just be prepared to spend more $$. 

5. Goodwill (on La Brea)

I have gone to countless Goodwill’s but I tend to always find something at this specific location. I don’t know if it’s luck or if they just always have a great selection. This location offers a mix of furniture and decor, so it’s worth a trip if you are in the market for either. I’ve found countless decor options and even a few furniture pieces like a chair and chest.