5 Small Space Decorating Hacks

Photo Via The Nordroom

Small spaces/apartments can be a challenge to decorate. Whether it’s a tiny bedroom or studio apartment, it can be a struggle to figure out how to arrange furniture, find storage, and decorate. I wanted to share a few tips + hacks on decorating and furnishing your space if it's on the smaller side. These ideas can make your apartment feel brighter, more inviting, and all around larger!

Tip 1: Utilize your bed space

Elevating your bed will allow you to utilize the space underneath as storage. Whether that be bed risers or a platform bed, take advantage of the room underneath. Store suitcases, seasonal clothes, or just anything you don’t want to be seen!

Photo Via Patrick Biller

Tip 2: Build upwards

Use your vertical space to your advantage. Add a gallery wall or shelving to your wall, this will draw the eye upwards and make your apartment/room appear larger than it is. Building upwards maximizes the amount you can put on your walls, think organizational systems, or use for decor purposes. 

Photo Via Love Me Do Photography

Tip 3: Light vs dark

If you’re shopping for new furniture try and think of opting for more lighter toned pieces vs dark. Light toned furniture will brighten the space. The furniture piece will bounce color, reflect it off and give you a brighter environment. Darker pieces tend to absorb light and make your space more dreary if you don’t have a lot of natural light to start with. 

Photo Via I Spy DIY

Tip 4: Add mirrors

Going back to reflecting flight, add mirrors! Mirrors are amazing and adding reflective elements adds more light to your space. You will get a brighter environment, it will appear bigger, and open up the space. Having a large floor mirror or wall mirror will add a nice element to your space!

Photo Via Apartment Therapy

Tip 5: Add greenery

Plants are your best friend! They will help liven up your space, the more plants the better. They also have a very pleasing effect and in a smaller space they add a natural element. There are a ton of great plant options that don’t need a ton of light or room to grow. 

Photo Via Esteban Cortez