5 Serving Essentials Every Tabletop Needs

Sometimes the most intimidating design elements can be for the smallest areas of our homes, which can include the dining table! When I first got into interior design, tablescapes were always a daunting task. I love hosting friends/family and always felt pressure to create a beautiful table setting for the evening. Entertaining is stressful. Through the years I’ve figured out some tips to help create the perfect tablescape and make it a little less scary.  Check out the tips below to help you become the hostess with the mostest in no time!

1. Mix & Match

I personally think overly coordinating plates/napkins/tablecloths can make the table setting feel a bit boring. Just like when decorating a room, remember not everything needs to match. Consider patterns and various textures throughout. Don’t be scared! Have fun pairing unique glassware, flatware, and plates. This is your time to think outside the box and play around. If I have a big group coming over, I’ll use different style plates and glasses, while it’s not the norm…once it all comes together it adds such a unique twist on a traditional table setting. 

2. Use Fresh Florals

Fresh flowers make ALL the difference, especially when it comes to tablescapes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on ornate floral arrangements. I love going to Trader Joes and picking up a few different bouquets and creating my own. I’ll grab a vase or vases I already own and create budget friendly arrangements. You can even add some florals by themselves on the table or at each setting for a little added touch. Florals add such an effortless touch and can bring a pop of color to your table!

3. Use Serving Dishes As Decor

Avoid the traditional serving dishes and get creative with how your food is displayed. Beautiful marble trays look great visually and can always be great to hold sides. Unique bowls and serving plates can double as decorative elements but also have a purpose on the table. Sometimes with too much decor, there is not enough room on the table for the actual food, so this helps eliminate that issue. 

4. Utilize Layers

Layer in different textures and heights throughout the table. Adding different heights creates visual interest and I feel like that is sometimes overlooked. I love layering tablecloths, placemats/chargers, plates, bowls, and napkins. Adding height with taper holders, vases, and glasses is essential to make your eyes wander and not make it feel all one level. Experiment with the elevation of how everything is placed and presented. 

5. Personal Details

Don’t forget the little details! Small personal additions make all the difference. I love adding handwritten place cards or little menus on top of the plates. Finding a beautiful ribbon and tying it around your napkins adds such a pretty handmade touch. You can even add a small little gift on top of each plate too if you really want to go the extra mile. It will make the perfect photo opt for your guests to remember the special evening you created!