Built Ins Turned Office Nook

The little closet between my bedroom and bathroom was a space that I never really used. It had a few built-ins/cabinet space but I only kept a few things in them.  In my last apartment, I had a little office nook that I loved and used daily. I really wanted to create a little spot in my bedroom that I could use to work at, edit, and drink my morning coffee while watching my favorite YouTube video. While the space is only about 32 sq ft, it made quite the impact and set the tone for my bedroom + bathroom makeover which will be happening soon. 

The first thing I had to do was rip out all the old cabinetry and used oak flooring to wood panel the walls. This was honestly my first time ever doing wood paneling and it was quite tedious. Even though it was such a small space, making all the cuts and figuring out the placements took a lot longer than I expected. I created a built-in desk and added 2 shelves above, all in the wood panels for a more uniformed look. 

The space had a small built-in vanity that I stripped back to its original wood. I loved how imperfect it looked after I stripped it, I decided to keep it vs painting it. I added a small shelf and curtain underneath. It’s the perfect space to keep all my cameras/equipment hidden. 

Instead of wood paneling the ceiling or painting, I went with a peel + stick wallpaper! I added some crown molding as well. So many little details within the space made the process a bit longer to complete but made such a difference in the end. 

I had been holding on to a beautiful antique brass pendant light and it paired perfectly with the space. The space quickly came together with a small vintage area rug and a bunch of collected finds I used as decor elements. From artwork to trinkets and books, I was able to use the shelves and built-in vanity as a way to display decor and add my personality to the space.