DIY IKEA Woven Cane Storage Console

As many of you know, I’ve started brainstorming my living room makeover! It’s my next big project and I’m so excited to complete it :) I was searching on Pinterest one night for inspiration and I came across the below media unit, I was obsessed!! Unfortunately, that exact piece is only available in Europe and was over $1,700...yikes. After taking a closer look, I knew I could DIY one similar using the Ikea Besta TV unit and a jigsaw to create the half circle shape. A trip to Ikea, Home Depot and the cane store later, I was ready to get started!




BESTA TV Unit | BESTA Shelf  | STUBBARP Legs | TIMMERVIKEN Doors | BESTA Hinges  | Woven cane | Flat reed | Reed spline | Jigsaw | Staple gun | Gorilla glue sticks/gun | Clamps | Gold handles

    I am by no means a professional jigsaw-er lol but after creating a template and drawing out the half circle pattern on the doors, using the jigsaw was extremely easy! It does take a little time to get used to though. I recommend getting an additional door or piece of wood to test out before jumping in. After I cut the circles, I applied the cane with a staple gun and the flat reed/rounded reed spline with gorilla hot glue. I let the doors dry overnight and the next morning I assembled the cabinet unit. I added these really cool gold door pulls once the doors were attached! 

    I’m so obsessed with how the media console turned out and I can’t wait for you guys to see the finished living room!