DIY Antique Inspired Librarian Cabinet with BEHR Paint

While browsing Pinterest one night, I came across a librarian inspired industrial storage cabinet. I was so drawn to the antique vibe and uniqueness of the piece, I knew I had to recreate it but in a fun bold color way. The entire process was so easy, inexpensive and only took a couple hours! It’s the perfect weekend project.

Before starting any DIY or room makeover, paint color is always so important. For this specific project, I had the opportunity to showcase the BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette. The palette features 21 on-trend, approachable colors perfect for DIYers and designers. I’m obsessed with so many of the neutrals and bold colors within the palette and they all deliver on an elevated comfort vibe. I decided to go bold and featured the palette color Saffron Strands PPU6-02, a gorgeous gold/mustard accent color. You can now get this color, and all of the BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette hues at The Home Depot stores nationwide.

Let's start DIY-ing shall we?


1 Gallon BEHR PREMIUM PLUS Paint & Primer in Saffron Strands PPU6-02 (eggshell finish)

Drawer Dresser

Pull Handles

Label Pull Tags

2” Wide Balsa Wood

Wood Glue 

Paint Brush


1. I laid 3 pieces of the 2” wide balsa wood on the front of the drawer and marked where I wanted to cut the piece. Keep note of the spacing between the boards so you can recreate that same spacing on the edges.

2. I marked and measured all the balsa wood pieces to be 22.5” long. This measurement may vary depending on the width of your drawer.

3. Using my miter saw, I cut all the pieces to be 22.5” long. Pro tip: Clamp all the pieces of wood together and do one clean cut to get the same exact length for each piece.

4. I applied wood glue to the backs of the balsa wood pieces and spaced them evenly on the drawer fronts. I waited about 90 mins for them to dry.

5. Using my BEHR PREMIUM PLUSⓇ Paint & Primer (color: Saffron Strands), I painted the drawers of the dresser. This paint has such an even and smooth coverage so it was pretty satisfying to see the color go on. Allow to dry and then apply another coat (I could have gotten away with just one coat however I think 2 always ensures a perfect finish). 

6. I then painted the base of the dresser. Allow to dry and then apply another coat.

7. Once the dresser was dry, I drilled 3 holes on each side of the dresser for where the pull handles will go. 

8. I then used my drill to screw the label pull tags directly in the center of each of the 3 pieces of balsa wood.

9. Assemble the dresser back to its original state and be prepared to be in awe of it’s new transformed look.

I could not be more obsessed with how it turned out! I styled this antique inspired librarian cabinet next to my bed as a little nightstand. I love how it has drawers to hide chargers, books etc. It would also make the perfect entryway statement piece or side table in a living room. Saffron Strands from the BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette totally transformed the piece and I love the end result!



This blog post was sponsored by BEHR Paint.