5 Non-Traditional Pumpkin DIY's

Fall has and will always will be my favorite season! The warm color palette, delicious scents, cooler weather and of course pumpkins- always brightens my mood! I teamed up with some of my friends and we each created our own pumpkin to celebrate the start of the new season.

Add some festive decor to your home with these 5 easy designs!

Rattan Starry Night Pumpkin

When I was asked to be a part of this DIY "challenge", woven rattan was the first material that popped into my head! You have seen meuse it to up-cycle cabinets, DIY decor and now use it within my pumpkin carving! Here are the steps I took to create this pumpkin:

1. Draw out a couple of star shapes on a piece of paper to use as a template for your pumpkin (I also created a moon as well). I did a variety of sizes to get a more organic feel.

2. Trace the star shapes onto the pumpkin and cut them out.

3. I wasn't a huge fan of the traditional orange color with this design so I ended up painting the entire pumpkin with some cream chalk paint.

4. Cut a few squares of rattan and place them on the inside of the pumpkin, behind the star shape you want to see through. I ended up using sewing pins to secure the rattan on the inside of the pumpkin at an angle. Glue was not working for this process so the sewing pins held the rattan in place.

5. Make sure you use a battery operated candle for this pumpkin so the rattan material doesn't have the opportunity to catch fire. Enjoy!

Beaded Pumpkin

I love how Zenia from @StyleItPrettyHome decorated her pumpkin! The wooden beads give the pumpkin such a rustic feel and they look so great decorated in her home! See below for her instructions:

1. Measure out the wire for your pumpkins (from the stem to the bottom in the grooves).

2. Cut as many wire pieces you want for your pumpkin.

3. Then bend on end of the wire in an “L” shape to hold the beads in place.

4. Start threading the beads through. Leave 1/2 an each on either side of wire to insert into your pumpkin.

5. Once you’ve threaded all your strands, poke a hole near the top of the pumpkin stem and insert and hot glue the wire there to hold the wire in place.

6. Then add a generous amount of hot glue to the grooves of your pumpkin and hold down the beads in place for a few seconds.

7. Do this all around your pumpkin, clean up the glue strands and you’re done!

Floral Pumpkin

Florals aren't just for spring! Add a pop of color to your Fall decor with Erika from @PeonyAndHoney's floral pumpkin creation. It looks so chic styled of a coffee table and makes a great statement piece. See below for her instructions:

1. Hollow out a real pumpkin, or grab a carvable foam pumpkin from the craft store.

2. Grab a bunch of fresh flowers or silk flowers.

3. Drill holes in your pumpkin that coordinate with the sizes of the floral stems you will be placing inside them.

4. Add your florals around the pumpkin, in a wavy, random pattern! Add extra stems to the holes if you need to, to make sure it’s a snug fit.

Statement Pumpkins

Cara from @GoldALaMode knows how to make a spooktacular statement. I love how her pumpkins are so festive but still matches her home style. So fun!! See below for her tips on how to achieve the look:

1. I used a combination of 4 different color paints for the pumpkins. The colors are Terra-Cotta Clay mixed with sand from Michael's (left), Brazilian Citrine (middle) and Coral Cloud (right arch) by Behr at Home Depot and Liquitex Bleached Titanium (right).

2. I went to Michael's and got lots of crafty things for halloween. The skeleton hands were on a garland that I took apart to use. I had the stars already at home that I ordered on Amazon. The middle pumpkin has some glow in the dark rocks on it that can be found at Michael's. The right pumpkin has some scrabble pieces that I found at Michael's along with some dried hydrangea petals that I already had at home.

Chalk Paint Pumpkins

I'm seriously obsessed with how MaCenna's (@MaCennaLee) pumpkins turned out! As you guys know, I'm a huge fan of the baking soda/paint trend and I never thought to paint pumpkins with it! It gives the pumpkins such a cool texture and expensive look. See below for MaCenna's steps:

1. Mix 1 part paint to 1.5 part baking soda in a mixing bowl. The mixture constancy should be on the thicker side with little to no dripping of your brush

2. Paint mixture generously onto your pumpkin in a non-uniform way. No even or planned strokes, just in all different directions.

3. Let the first coat of paint dry for about 5-10 min and add another layer in the same way.

4. Just before the second layer is dry, go over it with a dry brush for added texture.

5. Let dry & enjoy!

All 5 of these pumpkin decorating ideas are so simple but yet make downright gourd-geous decor! It's never too early to start adding some festive decor to your home. Happy decorating!