7 Landlord-Approved Decorating Hacks

Decorating a rented space can seem like a challenge, many landlords have certain rules about what you can and can’t do. Luckily, there are so many great brands that have created renter friendly products that you can use to create the home of your dreams.

As many of you know, I recently moved out of my old apartment and into a new one! I documented the entire moving out process and transformed my apartment back to its original state in order to receive my security deposit back (which I did!). You can watch the full video here

There are so many modifications you can make that will update your space and wow your guests. I wanted to share my top 7 apartment decorating hacks that actually work, these are tricks I have done in the past, leave no damage, and won’t cost you your security deposit!

1. Peel & stick- There are so many renter-friendly peel & stick options to transform your entire home. I love FloorPops for flooring, peel & stick subway tiles for backsplashes, marble contact paper for countertops, removable wallpaper, and even peel & stick stainless steel contact paper to upgrade the look of your appliances. The options are endless! I have used all of these within videos to upgrade spaces and they are extremely easy to use and remove.

2. Command hooks/Sugru- Command has a range of removable wall hooks and hangers so you can hang wall decor on the walls without having to damage the walls with nails or screws, they work great! Sugru is a moldable putty that becomes rubbery once it’s dry, you can use this stuff to hang anything from shelves to paper towel racks.

3. Switch up your hardware- You can easily swap the hardware on cabinets and doors. Updated hardware can go a long way in transforming your space. Make sure to keep the originals for when you leave!

4. Create storage- Stressed on storage space? Opt for a platform bed or bed risers to create under the bed storage. Trust me, you can store a lot under a bed haha. When I moved to LA in 2013 to attend college, I turned the underside of my bed into a full on dresser. I added rope handles to the moving boxes that I moved in with to create cardboard drawers which slid under my bed.

5. Keep floors scratch free- Attach slices of wine cork to your furniture's legs to prevent scratches on wood floors, one big scratch can cut into your security deposit. This is quick and easy DIY to prevent that!

6. Swap out the fixtures- Not only can you swap out old and dated light fixtures, also consider swapping out bathroom fixtures and hardware. The key to this decor hack is to store the original light or faucet in a place that you can easily access when you are moving out. I spent around 3 full days restoring my apartment back to its original condition but lived in a space that I loved for over 600 days. 600 days of enjoying your home for just a mere 3 days of work is 100% worth it to me!

7. If you really want to make and invest in a big change, one of my biggest tips is to ask your landlord. A lot of people assume their landlords will say no to any decor modification ideas. This is not always the case. 

While finding your perfect apartment can be a challenge, you don’t always have to just live with the cards you’re dealt. There are so many small, easy swaps + updates you can make that will make a big difference!