5 Things You Should have in Your Home

Adulting is fun! Especially when it comes to your home and figuring out your personal style. My style has completely changed since the first apartment (thank goodness haha) along with items I have found important to have + curate. These items not only helped with the overall design aesthetic but also just made me feel more put together, since I spend like 80% of my time at home. It’s important to have a place to be proud of and take care of the items you may use on a regular basis. 

1. Matching silverware + glasses

Having a collection of unique, vintage silverware is fun but random mystery forks and knives are not haha. I admit I only purchased a matching silverware set recently but it makes all the difference. When cooking and having guests over, I just feel so much more put together. It’s also so fun to shop for cool glasses and silverware, there are so many cool + affordable options. I love this cold set from amazon and these amber glasses.

2. Coasters

I love coasters!! I love DIYing them and shopping for them. Having a few sets of coasters around your home will remind guests to put their drinks on them. Also, it’s important to take care of your furniture no matter the cost, keep those tabletops clean and add some chic coasters to your home.

3. Hand towels 

There’s nothing worse than going into someone’s bathroom or kitchen and there not being a hand towel to dry your hands on. Add some cute hand towels to your bathroom + kitchen, they can also act as a fun little accent to the space. 

4. Stylish storage

Keep your countertops clean and also stylish with some fun storage options whether they are used for everyday items in your bathroom or for cooking utensils and snacks in your kitchen. Keeping areas in your home decluttered will make you feel better and confident in the space you live in. In my laundry room, I have cute baskets that store detergent and excess toilet paper. In my kitchen, I have fun little ceramic canisters that house pasta, oatmeal, and snacks!

5. Home scent

Create a signature scent for your home, whether it’s your favorite candle or diffuser. There are so many options! I make sure to have a few candles around the house and before guests come over I make sure to light them. I love when people come over and say your home smells so good! After a long day, there is nothing better than lighting your favorite candle and relaxing.