How to Make the Best Design Choices

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Interior design is always a topic loved by many but also a scary topic for some. Since it is accessible to everyone, you don’t have to be an interior designer to participate. In my opinion, it’s all about making your space your own because everyone wants a nice place to call home! Whatever your budget may be (high or low) or style you are wanting to achieve, I’m sharing some advice on how to make the best design choices.

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Spend $$ on timeless pieces

When designing your room or new home, splurge on pieces that will last you forever. Think of the core staples you need: a dining room table, couch etc. Based on your budget figure out which you can spend more money on. Do not splurge on trendy items, spend your money on the timeless pieces that will be a staple in your home for years to come.

Be brave

If interior design isn’t your thing, invite your friends over for an inspiration session. If someone you know is a gifted designer, take their advice and don’t play safe. Don’t be afraid to try new styles and think outside the box. For me, the rooms I take the biggest risk on end up looking the best. Remember it all comes together in the end, I remind myself that all the time haha

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Edit, edit, edit

Purge the items you don’t need or want anymore. Remember to display only what you love :)

Know the floor plan

Something that will help you immensely is knowing your floor plan, whether it’s asking your realtor for it or measuring the walls and mapping it out yourself. It may seem like extra work but you will visually get to see how much room you are working with. Adding too much furniture is a common mistake people often make, knowing your floor plan will allow you to know what pieces will and will not work in the space. Side note: I always make a quick floor plan before designing any room, it helps so much when you are shopping because you will instantly know if something is too big/small.

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 Know the highlights

Make notes of all the spots in your home that you want to highlight, think fireplace, built-ins, unique archways or nooks- basically anything that stands out and you want to stand out even more! You can style around these highlighted features or decorate those areas specially so they stand out.

 Swatch your paint

Before you commit to a paint color, swatch the potential colors on the wall you are going to paint. You’ll be able to observe how the color looks in different lighting, the lighting at Home Depot or Lowes is very different from the lighting at your home. You can purchase little sample sizes of the paint at your local hardware store/paint store.

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 Use your whole room

Never feel like you have to line up the furniture on the walls and leave a big open space in the middle. Use the center of the space to create a warm inviting environment!

Start with a sofa

With that being said, trying to design a successful open-plan living space? Working with a blank canvas can be intimidating, rather than thinking of all the decor/accessories you want to incorporate, start with the sofa. This is usually the largest piece of furniture in the room and you can easily plan your layout around it.

Hopefully these tips will allow you to make the best design choices for yourself + your home!